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Kits AI

Ethical AI Voice Licensing and Creation

Arpeggi Studio

On-chain digital audio workstation (DAW) and CC0 library



What is Arpeggi Labs?


At Arpeggi Labs, we're building web3 tooling to make collaboration more accessible, equitable and personal for artists and fans.

What is Kits?


Kits a marketplace for supercharged sample packs and remix licenses. Collect exclusive, high-quality sounds, join token-gated communities, and support and connect directly with the artist while receiving a royalty-free, commercial-use license for the sounds in the Kit.

What is Arpeggi Studio?


Arpeggi Studio is an in-browser digital audio workstation(DAW) and fully on-chain library of CC-BY sounds. Freely sample, remix, upload, and credit sounds in your creations, and mint them all as non-fungible tokens. If you prefer to use your own DAW, you can upload project source files or sounds directly for automatic and manual attribution.